Schürz 11


Vogelschau Schürz 11
Birds’s-eye view Schürz 11

The building Schürz 11 was erected in 2010. It contains a total of 6 apartments and a common laundry room with two drying rooms.

Available housing:

Two 3-room apartments
Four 4½-room apartments
Parking: 6 open spaces, plus 3 visitor spaces

Energy concept:

The energy concept of the building meets the highest energy requirements. Besides thick insulation layers (roof 25-35 cm, walls 25 cm, floor 18 cm) triple glazed windows were installed. However, the showpiece of the concept is CO2-neutral heat generation: The heat for hot water and room heating is generated by 60 m² of solar collectors and stored in a large 36’000 lt boiler. capacity. This means that about 2/3 of the annual energy requirement is covered by solar energy. The remaining heat is generated with a fully automatic pellet heating system. In order to consume as little heating energy as possible, the apartments contain a controlled ventilation system equipped with heat recovery.

Apartment size flexibility

The apartment layouts are designed in such a way that an apartment can be enlarged at a later date by adding a so-called switching room to one or the other apartment. Thus, a 4½ room apartment is transformed into a 5½ room apartment – the neighbouring apartment is transformed from a 3-room apartment into a 2-room apartment.


Sitzplätze Schürz 11
Garden Schürz 11
Balkone Schürz 11
Balcony Schürz 11
Winterbild Schürz 11
Winter view Schürz 11
Erstes Mehrfamilienhaus im Minergie-P-Standard
Article in the “Dorfgeischt”, Juni 2010, Format PDF, German