Rusterholz AG

What is Rusterholz AG (AG for Aktiengesellschaft = joint-stock company)?

Rusterholz-AG is the successor to the heirs of the community of G. +A. Rusterholz-Kull (1958 – 1994). Since 1994 it is a joint-stock company with two different ownership groups

  • The majority of the votes is held by the G. and A. Rusterholz-Kull Foundation
  • The remaining votes belong to family members

Rusterholz AG must act in accordance with the purpose of the foundation (see below).

Organizational Chart


G. + A. Rusterholz – Kull Foundation

The founders founded Rusterholz AG on the same date and contributed all the real estate held by the community of heirs to this company.

Foundation’s purpose

The foundation and the simultaneous shareholder company “Rusterholz AG” was established to permanently withdraw  this real estate from the market. The property was inherited from the parents and and consists of land and the associated buildings. The intention is to make the the buildings available for orderly use and administration with the aim of preserving and recreating low-priced apartments for tenants.